About Ambler

Ambler Brown Photographer Friend

What's in a name? Everything! A person's name defines them-it's what their reputation is built upon. Once you learn a name, your recognition of it evokes a "brand identity" and leaves a lasting impression.

Ambler Brown... an uncommon and distinctive name.

What defines Ambler as a photographer? Ambler provides artistic talent and quality service through friendly photography.

Not everyone who picks up a camera has the creative or technical ability to capture an image in a manner that others would find pleasing to the eye. Ambler has that ability. His maternal Grandmother was an accomplished artist. Though long deceased, some of her work is still in commercial production. Ambler's "artist's eye" can be seen in the images he captures. Because of that, he absolutely loves and excels in photography!

Ambler's biggest asset is his personality. People who know him describe him as warm, friendly, caring, engaging and compassionate. Everything a friend should be. Everything your photographer should be.

My mission is to capture those special moments that reflect the dynamic character of your life while providing the service and attention you expect from a friend.

Ambler Brown is based in Lenoir City, Tennessee and offers senior portraits and life moments portrait photography throughout East Tennessee. Ambler is available for destination wedding photography anywhere in the world.

For an appointment call (865) 368-1291.


Professional Photographer Association

Professional Photographers of America since 2007
Professional Photographers of East Tennessee since 2007                                                                                (current Senior Board Member, Past President & Board Chairman)

These organizations provide expertise and education with some of the world's finest photographic artists. Ambler regularly attends conventions and seminars to keep up with the latest in technical expertise and to enhance his creativity. This dedication to learning ensures his clients will receive the very best from Ambler Brown. Photographer. Friend.